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Indian Income Tax refund phishing scam emails now mentions tax refunds in US Dollars.

March 11, 2010
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Yesterday a friend of mine forwarded me a mail he thought to be a phishing email. The email was indeed a phishing email. It was a Indian Income Tax phishing scam that is still going on as the phishers are still actively sending emails to millions of email addresses supposedly belonging to Indians. I had written blog on the same couple of weeks back.

This phishing scam is about attacker sending emails to unsuspected users telling them that they are eligible for income tax refund from Income Tax department from government of India. This particular phishing email had a surprising element that is showed the refund amount in US Dollars. I was amazed to read that the attackers believes that Indian Government does tax refund in US dollars as currency.

Believing that the hackers being careful enough to not to do such a mistake I am thinking whether Indian Government really gives tax refunds in USDs? may be for NRI staying out of India? At least I am not aware of such thing.

The email text looked like this:

The link in the email took me to the below fake Indian Government Income Tax website replica.

Phishing webpage of Income Tax Department

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